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LCA with Dolores Huerta and Juanita Chavez at El Paisano Mexican Restaurant in Carbondale

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Hello! Welcome to the official website for the Latino Cultural Association (LCA), a Registered Student Organization (RSO) at SIU Carbondale! Feel free to take a look around at the various options available to you including contact information for LCA's current executive board members, upcoming event information, current members, resources, and more! If you have any questions that aren't answered here, don't hesitate to contact us.


LCA hosts SIU's first ever mock Quinceañera

by Terrence De'Angelo

November 26, 2014

Assistant Professor Jose Najar crowns acting quinceañera Jacqueline Lopez

Above: Assistant Professor Dr. José Najar crowns acting quinceañera, Jacqueline Lopez.

LCA hosted their first mock Quinceañera event in what is projected to be an annual event this past Saturday, November 22. This was the first event of its kind in the known history of SIU. The quinceañera is a coming-of-age tradition in many Latin American countries known by different names and with different ceremonial events within the main event itself. Brainchild of current LCA president Edith Ortiz-Ruiz, planning this event took weekly meetings that spanned a 3-month period. The meetings were held among members of a committee organized by Ortiz and directed by LCA's Vice President, Rosemary Leija.

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